SCBA Master Beekeeping Program



The SCBA Master Beekeeper Program (MBP) offers four levels of training and advancement: Certified Beekeeper, Journeyman Beekeeper, Master Beekeeper, and Master Craftsman Beekeeper. All ranks take a minimum of 1 full year between levels to complete with the exception of the Master Level, which takes 2 years.


The Journeyman Course is the next step in education for the Certified Level beekeeper in the SCBA Master Beekeeping Program.


Text: The Hive & the Honey Bee by Dadant. Class Topics:  History of Bees & Man, Nomenclature, Honey Bee Nutrition, Labels & Regulation, Anatomy & Physiology, Bees & their Relatives, Africanized Bees, Diseases & Pests, Pollination/Parts of a Flower/Pollen & Nectar Plants, Pesticides, Queen Rearing, Making Increases, Swarm Prevention, and The Bee Year: Putting It All Together


Prerequisite to Test:

      • Must be current member of SCBA
      • Must have held the Certified Level certification for one year
      • Must have been a practicing beekeeper for at least 2 years


Please click here to view MBP Manual for requirements

JOURNEYMAN Level Beekeeper


      1. Must be a current South Carolina Beekeeping Association Member. Must have held the Certified Beekeeper level for at least 1 full calendar year and should have been a practicing beekeeper for a minimum of 2 years with 1 year after the completion of the Certified Level. Special exceptions to this rule may be considered by the MBP Committee.
      2. Must score 80% or higher on the written examination administered by an approved SCBA Journeyman, Master, or Master Craftsman Beekeeper (see APPENDIX F – Examinations and Fees).  The written test may include but is not limited to materials covered on the Certified Level, plus material covered during previous Journeyman classes, and books/other literature on the Journeyman Beekeeper reading list (see APPENDIX A – Suggested BEEKEEPING READING LIST). This examination will cover more information than that required at the Certified Beekeeper Level. The testable material will closely adhere to information taught in the Journeyman training modules.
      3. Must score 80% or higher on a practical examination administered by the SCBA MBP Committee. The practical examination may include but is not limited to: identifying pests, parasites and pathogens; reading pesticide labels and determining which is the safest to use around bees; identifying several beekeeping items; examining honey labels for errors; distinguishing between bees, wasps, hornets, etc.; identifying anatomical structures of a bee, flower, etc.;  judging honey for competition; and/or demonstrating basic intermediate beekeeping skills.
      4. Must perform and be able to document participation in 5 Public Service Credits (see APPENDIX B – Public Service Credit Requirements). Two items of supporting documentation are required for EACH Public Service Credit.  The Public Service Credit Documentation Form is only a supporting document and should not be the only evidence of a completed PSC.


1949 Horry County Extension, Industrial Park Rd, Conway, SC 29526
Sponsored By: Blackwater & Pee Dee Beekeepers Assoc.


APRIL 24 – 25

FRI 10-5 PM, SAT 9-5 PM – 2 FULL days of instruction!





COST – $60

Optional Add-Ons:

      • The Hive and the Honey Bee by Dadant & Sons, Inc. – $40
      • Lunch Fri/Sat – $20
      • Written & Practical Testing – $20


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