YCBA Rentals

CO-OP Store

Support your local organization and shop the YCBA Co-op which is up and running with a good supply of bee equipment. Great products at great prices.


Honey Extracting Equipment

$10 to rent the Electric Extractor which includes pans, strainer, hot knives, pails, etc. and $10 to rent the manual extractor.


Mighty Varroa Mite Killer

Lynn Williams, owner of Beehive Thermal Industries, presents a new method for controlling varroa mites. Visit the website here:  The club purchased an 8 frame and 10 frame thermal heat treatment device that can be rented by YCBA members  who have attended the demonstration. The rental cost is $10 for 1 day rental, $25 for a 3 day rental plus $10 for each additional day used over 3 days. Contact John Gardner for availability at or call 803-322-1730.