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CO-OP Store

Support your local organization and shop the YCBA Co-op which is up and running with a good supply of bee equipment. Great products at great prices.


Honey Extracting Equipment

$10 to rent the Electric Extractor which includes pans, strainer, hot knives, pails, etc. and $10 to rent the manual extractor.


Mighty Varroa Mite Killer

Lynn Williams, owner of Beehive Thermal Industries, presents a new method for controlling varroa mites. Visit the website here:  The club purchased an 8 frame and 10 frame thermal heat treatment device that can be rented by YCBA members  who have attended the demonstration. The rental cost is $10 for 1 day rental, $25 for a 3 day rental plus $10 for each additional day used over 3 days. Contact John Gardner for availability at or call 803-322-1730.

Mann Lake 2021 Master Calalog / Kelley Beekeeping

Kelley Beekeeping merged with Mann Lake on Dec. 21, 2020

2021 Digital MANNLake catalog

501 1st Street South
Hackensack, MN 56452

Betterbee 2021 Catalog

2021 Digital Better Bee Catalog

8 Meader Road
Greenwich, NY 12834

Dadant 2021 Catalog

2021 Digital Dadant Catalog

51 South 2nd Street
Hamilton, IL 62341
Phone: 217-847.3324 or 888-922.1293

Miller Bee Supply 2021 Catalog

2021 Digital Miller Bee Supply Catalog

496 Yellow Banks Road
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
Phone: 336-670.2249 or 888-848.5184

Blythewood Bee Company

Blythewood Website

227 McLean Road
Blythewood, SC 29016
Phone: 803-754.7577 or 803-600.3737

Dixie Bee Supply & Country Store

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1628 Highway 521 Bypass S.
Lancaster, SC
Store: 803-285-2337 or Cell: 803-577.7871

Honey Strong

Honey Strong Website

1753 Ebenezer Road
Smyrna, SC 29743