Monthly Speaker

Location of YCBA Monthly Meetings

August 12, 2021 Next Meeting

York County Beekeepers Association (YCBA) meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Bullock Creek Church, 1188 Edgefield Road, York, SC 29745. See you at 6:00 pm for food and fellowship.


We will not meet in July as that is when the SCBA Summer Conference is held and there will not be a December meeting but instead we will have a Christmas Dinner.


If you have not paid your 2021 YCBA membership dues, you will no longer receive communication from the club. If you have paid your dues and you’re still not receiving emails, please email or call an officer of the club.


Your 2021 YCBA dues will still be accepted at the meetings.  We would prefer a check in lieu of cash just for the record and convenience of not having to write receipts for cash.  However, cash will be accepted for payment.  Please be reminded that we will not be collecting State (SCBA) dues this year, so $20.00 is all you will be paying for your 2021 membership.  Make all checks payable to YCBA.  If you are mailing your dues please send it to YCBA,  P.O. Box 2021, York, SC 29745.


The Co-op will be open prior to the meeting until 6:00 pm.

Marked Queens by Year

Yellow Stripey Things


HoneyBee – is the bee that needs help the most – excellent pollinator – very friendly – can only sting once


Yellow Jacket – wants your food and will fight you for it – Never leaves you alone – will sting you just for the heck of it – it’s just a Jerk!


Bumblebee – also pollinates stuff very well – so fat it shouldn’t be able to fly – will let you pet it without getting agitated – actually a flying panda


Carpenter Bee – acts like it’s tough, but can’t actually hurt you – has no concept of what glass is – lives in your fence – flies aggressively to try and scare you away


Murder Hornets


Beekeepers and scientists in a small community in Washington state work together to protect their community from the deadly and invasive Asian giant hornets.


Using their large mandibles, the hornets can behead their prey in seconds – can kill up to 20 honeybees in a single minute – while a small group can destroy a hive of 30,000 honeybees in 90 minutes.

The Co-op is now selling burlap smoker fuel

Get you some!